How to Build a Wooden Porch Swing

If you need a new swing for your porch, why not turn an amazing sitting bench design into a swing bench? At least that is what I thought before starting this project, and what a success it was. You can also learn how to build a wooden porch swing in this guide as you read on.

The procedure for making a porch swing

Step 1

Cut. You would want to cut all the pieces you will use in making a swing porch Use an already-made cutting measurement and start cutting with the arm components and the width. There are some parts that will require measurement after being assembled add you can trim them as you go, but you will make your work of building a swing easier when you cut ahead of assembly.

Step 2

Half laps. You can utilize different tools to cut these half-lap joints. With the use of a table saw with an appropriate blade, a circular saw and chisel or a hand saw and chisel, you can cut these joints. These half-up joints have to be precise to build a porch swing so do an accurate job of it.

Step 3

Glue them. After cutting the different parts to precision and you see they fit together properly, you can go ahead and add glue to mend them together more permanently.

Step 4

Even up the arms. The next step to making a porch is trimming the arms. The front part of the arms on both sides of the assembly will need some trimming to fit perfectly. The half laps of the handle will enter into a straight cut at the bottom as you build a swing. The seat slats will start at this same point too. Because of this, it has to be properly smoothed and trimmed.

Step 5

Include slat supports. The slat supports should now be measured and fixed into place. To secure the slat supports to the arm, use glue and also use about 4 or 5 screws.

Step 6

Install the slats. Making a porch swing will have you adding the seat slats from the front. You will use two screws to secure each slat on either side. You have to pre-drill either side of each plate before screwing it to the seat so that the slats don’t split as you work. You will leave 1/8 inch of space in between every slat you fix. The strong end of a 1/8-inch drill bit will be perfect for doing this. When you finish installing the seat slats for building a swing, move on to the back slats and repeat the same process moving from up to down.

Step 7

Eye bolts. Use 3-inch to 1/2-inch eye bolts, or 3/8-inch x 4-inch eye bolts if you can’t find the ideal type, drill holes through the arm and slat support.

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