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Hello there, My name is Christopher Webb, a woodworking specialist and a writer for the Woodworker’s Universe website. I graduated from Ferris State University in 1985 with a Bachelor’s degree in construction engineering and management. Just like most students that came to my universe, I took a lot from my old high school. I love doing creative jobs. Growing up, I created and imagined most of my games and pictures which had me crafting at a very tender age so you could tell that I was very conversant with a glue. I have always been attracted to painting and drawing which made friends call me an artist just at a small age.

I always thought I was going to turn out to be an artist initially, although I didn’t have exposure to different equipment at the time, it was just the normal pencils, crayons and watercolors. You can say I developed the 2-D side at a very young age. I attended a high school in Michigan and the school didn’t have a lot of art education in their curriculum. One of the educators in my high school was a Ferris Alumni and he advised me to pursue a degree at that same University saying it would be an environment I would like to study and build myself.

After experiencing a stressful foundation year and spending an amount of time in the design department, I then took an interest in woodworking. I created a lot of woodworking products and was also attracted to the building process. Later, I ventured into furniture making and abstract wood carvings. College was the time of my life which I decided that I was fully going into woodworking for the rest of my life.

After graduation, I began working in the woodworking industry and I have been present for over 30 years. I worked as a construction manager at Balfour Beatty Construction for about 3 years. Requiring a career/life changes at the moment and following my desire to do more creative jobs, I established my own woodworking shop which I sold thorns of woodworking equipment for easy construction and establishment of woodworks expanding my scope in woodworking not only in the physical aspect but more into the writing aspect. I also worked as a freelance writer. I wrote for a woodworking blog for 10 years before I later decided to start my own website. You can say that I know woodwork like the back of my hands.

I also worked with most of the influential media brands in the world but then, I prefer giving all my attention and help to people who want to learn how to create things with their own hands. My goal is to always make my woodworking projects attractive and accessible and that’s why I like sharing with the Woodworker’s Universe audience. I like helping people, and I do that without expecting anything in return. In my spare time, I build and practice woodworking with my family and friends in the workshop teaching them techniques they can acquire to make their job with wood an easy one.

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