How to Build a Wooden Ladder

If you frequently perform maintenance on your home equipment or you always have to reach something that is far away, you definitely need a handy ladder. One option is to buy a sturdy ladder at the store but you can build a wooden ladder all by yourself too. With the right set of tools, materials, and some of your time, you can make a wooden ladder to the exact height you want.

Tools materials required for making a wooden ladder

Here is the list of tools and materials you will need in building a wooden ladder that is 18 inches wide and 6 feet tall with 4 rungs. You definitely have to adjust the materials and measurements if you want a shorter or longer ladder. As a tip, you should go for cedar instead of pine wood if you are after a rustic look.

The procedure for building a wooden ladder

You can get right into the process of making a wooden ladder when your supplies are complete.

Step 1

Cut the wood: you will have to cut your wooden board to make a wooden ladder. The 1 x 2 x 8inch boards should be cut into two 72 inches for the sides and the 1 x 4 x 8inch boards should be cut into four 18inch pieces for the rungs.

Step 2

Assemble the pieces: the next step to building a wooden ladder is assembling the cut pieces together. Place the 2 side pieces parallel to each other with 16imches in between them. If you chose cedar wood for a more rustic look, turn the rougher side upwards before you assemble

Step 3

Attach the rungs: next, on how to make a wooden ladder, you will measure and mark the spots for the rungs then attach them one after the other. Give room for each rung to hang an inch on either side of the ladder.

Step 4

Secure the rungs: use the wood screws to attach the rungs to the sides of the ladder. Ensure the rungs are very straight or else the result will be a wobbly ladder. Instead of using wood screws, you can make notches and use glue to fasten the rungs to the rest of the ladder. If you are using notches, make sure the rungs are inserted all the way. It is more complicated but also sturdier than any other method of attachment.

Step 5

Finish: for the final step on how to build a wooden ladder, you have to finish off your good work. Take any color of paint, it must not be black, and paint the ladder. If you have any leftovers, this is a great time to make use of it.

Step 6

Painting your ladder will help to protect the wood from extensive wear and tear so you should not skip this step if you want the ladder to last long. After painting, use a rag t wipe most of it off.

You would want to coat the ladder once more in wood-colored stain to give it a natural wood look.

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