How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with a Sprayed-On Finish

You can use a paint sprayer to renovate your previous cabinets with a shiny and soft finish.

You oughtn’t to pay thousands of money on new cabinets to furnish your room a surprising trendy look. If your cabinets are in good condition, you’ll be able to provide them a contemporary face with paint.

When it needs to painting cabinets for a great look, a lot of opinions and strategies out there. However, anyone once painted kitchen cabinets with a sprayer, he or she knows that doing their cabinets with a brush wouldn’t fabricate the planning.

Although paint sprayers can be costly and in this situation, you are thinking what is the best process to make over your cabinets?  After some analysis, you found a great process to renovate your kitchen cabinets first with a little bit of the price.

Step 1

Wearing dirt mask, shield close areas with a cloth, then use an electric sander to get rid of existing finishing end from the cabinets. Then wipe your cabinets with a wet cloth.

Step 2

Before you’ll be able to extremely get touching, you initially should take away your cabinets doors and drawers. It is exceedingly suggested that putting its some form of listing system in order that you don’t lose memory of misplaced. Whereas it all appears to form sense once you’re coming up with, you’ll be glad you probably did this once your paint-weary mind goes to place the doors and drawers back.

You can use tapes to cover the floor, countertops, a number of the ceiling, and therefore the inner part of the cabinets. If you don’t have any plan for walls painting then you also covered walls area.

You can use tape first top of the frame, sides, and bottom (can use newspapers also), then tape off the back of the inside of the frame.

Step 3

Use a measuring tape to work out correct position of hardware.  You can use to mark with a pencil, then you use to drill machine and also drilling bit to include a hole through door front.

Step 4

You have to wear dirt mask and use a paint sprayer and quart of tinted primer which is essential or you can easily use spray primer container and spray-container handle, for the cabinets and door fronts you add a smooth coat of primer.

You required using tinted primers which ensures to get daring colors and a better and stronger finish look which is more budget friendly.

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