Best Wooden Ceiling Designs

Ceilings are an important component of the house as its aesthetic appeal will ultimately affect the appearance of the whole home. It is therefore important to consider having a ceiling which is having an attractive design and appealing in nature. This would require taking into consideration different designs which are available and the best one which suits our needs.

Wood is the material which is widely used for the ceilings due to inherent advantages which it carries. It is the natural insulator which will help in insulating the transfer of heat from the house. One can also create various kinds of designs and cravings in the wood based on their requirement and designs which they are willing to create in the wood ceiling designs.

Different ceiling Designs for your home

There are many different kinds of designs available to choose from. Opting the best one of them will help you in building an impression and also raise your confidence. It will help you to develop a ceiling of your home which is worth a compliment and fashionable design. We have discussed here few of the designs of the ceiling by using a particular kind of wood which will give your home an amazing look.

Barn Wood

These board panels are quite ideal for being used over the ceiling. They are quite rustic and arousing in nature which will provide you with a fresh look at your place. These ceilings will help you to get a better look which can also be enhanced by doing the further painting over the wooden ceiling designs. It is also possible to whitewash the panels if you are willing to have a summery warm feeling at your place.

Faux or Fake Wood

The beams which are made up of this wood will provide you a feeling of a real wood which is provided with further decorative polyurethane products. It is having the capability of providing the attractiveness to your room and make it more durable and lasting.

Paneled Ceilings

This format will be providing you the classic New England Cottage Look. The prime material which is used for this is wood which includes plywood panels and also the tongue and groove board paneling. Normally Ply-Bead is coming in 19/32 and 11/32 inches of the thickness which is suitable for both the case of flat and even the sloped ceilings. Ply-Bead will be costing you about 16$ to $20 on an average for each of the sheets you get.

Mineral-Fiber Planks

If you are not comfortable with the lumber then you can opt for the Fiber Planks. It is having the capability of providing you the same distinctive look which you will get from the natural wood. It will be even combined with the style and artificial blends. Similar to the Armstrong this one will prove to be a kind of good alternative which you should consider using it for your home. These are basically 48 inches long and 6 inches wide which is weighing around 21 Oz and it can be installed by a single person as it is quite lighter in weight. A single carton which you get will be covering an area of about 40 sq. Ft. and will be costing you only $1.25 for every foot you consider installing.

Make your ceiling look unique

It is important to have a look at different designs which are available for your ceiling and find for the matching one with your home. This will require careful observation and proper selection of the right design of the wood and designs over the same. One should consider this as the design of their ceilings is reflecting their choice for the creativity in the ceiling design and how much they take it seriously.

One can even go for a newer and modern wooden ceiling design from the existing one. Though it would be a little costly than selecting the ones which are already available it will add your taste to the look of your ceilings. This will also help you to have your ceilings more enlightened with the design which you select for your ceilings. It will also help you to showcase your ceiling as having a more modernized look than its counterparts.

It is also possible that you conceal your wooden ceiling with the help of strips. This would help you to keep the balance which is required between the ceiling and the walls of the room. One can also apply the strips which are having the designs of their choice in order to bring the desired aesthetics to the ceilings.


Thus, we can say that there are many different creative ways in which one can make their ceiling to look unique. It will help you to improve the overall appearance of the ceilings of your house and improve upon your confidence level. This will also showcase your love for the creativity based on the selection of the creative design for your roof.

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